Ph.D. Research Positions

We regularly have openings for research and teaching assistantships for students interested in obtaining a Ph.D. degree with research in analog, mixed signal, power conversion or RF integrated electronics and systems. Prior experience in electronic design (preferably including integrated circuit design) is a must.

A good knowledge of English including good presentation and technical writing skills are also crucial.

Please check out the school's graduate admissions page and the EE department's graduate program page to learn about the various requirements of our program.

The type of research projects we are currently engaged in are listed on our research page. Note that some ongoing research projects or new research directions we are pursuing are not all listed on the website.

Self-driven, highly motivated candidates can contact Prof. Kinget. Before emailing, go carefully through this website. Please make sure your email includes details on your education, on your motivation for graduate studies and on your prior research or design experience. At minimum, attach your resume and grades, but also consider including copies of relevant papers or research projects. Make sure to start the subject of your email with "[Prospective Student]".

Due to the large volume of emails, not all emails of qualified candidates can be answered. However, if you are a qualified candidate, please consider applying to our program. When applying, make sure to check my name as one of the faculty you would like to work with if you want me to review your application. The integrated circuits and systems program at Columbia is growing and several professors are likely to be hiring. But realize that competition is very fierce and nothing is guaranteed until your application has been reviewed and accepted by the admissions committee.

Undergraduate & M.S. Student Research Involvement

  • Our group has an active program of undergraduate and M.S. student research involvement during the semester and summer and we also participate in the School's Undergraduate Reseach Involvement Program (URIP).

  • If you are an Columbia Undergraduate, Master's, or Ph.D. student interested in doing a project (for credit) that involves designing, simulating, building and/or measuring Analog or RF hardware or Integrated Circuits, check out our BS/MS Research Involvement section.