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Research Seminars

Spring 2006

Prof. John McNeill
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts

Date: 2:00pm, Friday, April 28, 2006
Place: 414 CEPSR

Title:  Deep Submicron CMOS and the New Era of Creativity in Analog Design

Analog and mixed signal IC designers frequently see themselves as artists -- and like any artist, the analog designer uses whatever style, medium, and tools that are best suited to the problem at hand.  Deep submicron CMOS is just another tool for the analog designer to use.  The capability for small inexpensive digital circuitry is not a threat to analog design, but actually opens new avenues for creativity. In this talk, the theme of "old" and "new" analog CMOS design will be explored with examples drawn from mixed signal circuit designs in the area of data conversion.

Mr. Benjamin Van Camp
Director of custom IC at Sarnoff Europe

Date:  2:00pm, Friday, April 7, 2006
Place: EE Conference Room 1312 S.W. Mudd

Title:  ESD for advanced CMOS nodes

Due to the continuous scaling of the CMOS technology, Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protection design is ever more challenging. Ultra thin gate oxides and sensitive output drivers drastically reduce the available voltage margin for the traditional protection approaches. After a basic introduction on on-chip ESD protection, the tutorial presents an overview of the different protection approaches and their applicability for the emerging IC's and systems in advanced technology nodes.
Dr. Venu Gopinathan
Director, Wireless Solutions Group
Texas Instruments, Bangalore, India

Date: Monday, April 3, 2006
Place: 414 CEPSR

Title: Tuning of Analog Parameters - A tutorial

Variability of basic parameters like transconductances, time-constants and gains due to process, voltage and temperature variations, can have first-order effect in the performance and manufacturability of most analog circuits. This tutorial focuses on negative feedback circuits that can be implemented on-chip to combat these variations. A discussion of pros and cons of various circuits that tune time-constants (for continuous-time filters), gm's of transistors, quality-factors of resonators etc. will be discussed.

Dr. Phil Diodato
Agere Systems Inc.

Date: Friday, March 24, 2006
Place: EE Conference Room 1312 S.W. Mudd

Title: "RE: Engineering in Reverse"

Competitive analysis and patent portfolio security are important activities in modern scientific corporations. Techniques for gathering sub-micron scientific evidence intended for use in semiconductor patent infringement cases are reviewed. Motivational comments geared for first year college engineering students are included.

Prof. Francesco Svelto
University of Pavia, Italy

Date: Friday, February 3, 2006
Place: Interschool lab CEPSR

Title: Challenges in the RF design of highly integrated Direct Conversion Receivers for multi-band, multi-standard applications

The demanding dynamic range required by receivers for wireless wide area networks still make the design of low-power highly integrated CMOS solutions a topic of intense research. This presentation starts discussing highly linear direct down-converters and low-power quadrature generators, based on injection locked dividers, tailored to fully integrated cell-phone receivers. Getting rid of external components is even more important in multi-standard applications, where several transceivers are likely to coexist on the same PCB. Reconfigurable front-ends, based on a voltage-voltage feedback LNA topology and the highly linear mixer, are introduced. Implementation examples include a 0.13mm CMOS DCS1800/UMTS/IEEE802.11b and g, and a 0.25mm BiCMOS 5-6GHz multi-standard WLAN. Finally, the potentials of a multi-resonance feedback LNA are exploited in a 0.18mm CMOS front-end for multi-band OFDM UWB applications, operating in the 3.1GHz-8GHz frequency range.

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